Fantech Alpha GC-183 Ergonomic Stability & Safety Gaming Chair
Price 32800৳
Regular Price 39090৳
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Product Code BD00001878
Brand Fantech
  • Model: Alpha GC-183
  • U-Shaped Head Pillow & Lumbar Pillow
  • Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism
  • Full-Lenght Backrest Recline
  • Wider 2D Armrests


Main Features

Materials Finest Core

Adjustable Armrests Wider 2D Armrests

Chair Type Ergonomic Stability & Safety Gaming Chair Adjustable Backrest Angle/ Recline Full-Length Backrest Recline Package Dimension 700 x 370 x 870 mm

Seat Depth Depth Seating Area: (Total) 49cm

Head Rest Comfort U-Shaped Head Pillow And Lumbar Pillow Chair Weight27.5 kg

Colors Black

Tilt Lock Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism

Others Highest Seat Height: 73.5cm

Lowest Seat Height: 65.5cm

Depth Seating Area (Total): 49cm

Maximum Arm Height: 8cm

Backrest Height: 78.5cm

Backrest Shoulder Width: 58cm

Width Armrest: 10cm

Manufacture Warranty Warranty No Warranty


Fantech Alpha GC-183 Ergonomic Stability & Safety Gaming Chair

Fantech GC-183 is Ergonomic Stability & Safety Gaming Chair. This gaming chair featured with Wider 2D Armrests, Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism, Finest Core Materials, Full-Lenght Backrest Recline and Durable PU Wheels Smooth Casters.

It comes with more Comfort U-Shaped Head Pillow And Lumbar Pillow. It is designed with Strong Nylon Plastic Base, Stability and Safety Class 4 Hydraulic Pistons and Better Thighs Support.This Gaming chair is designed with Highest Seat Height73.5cm, Lowest Seat Height 65.5cm, Depth Seating Area (Total) 49cm, Maximum Arm Height 8cm, Backrest Height 78.5cm and Backrest Shoulder Width 58cm. This model exclusively comes with adjustable armrest support and aluminum base but it has no warranty.

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